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We are Enspark

Enspark's mission is to provide organizations with cutting edge, relevant and interactive training solutions through our extensive on-demand course library and custom developed e-learning courses.

Who we are

Enspark was founded with the vision of creating e-learning solutions that break the typical e-learning mold.

Since 2009 Enspark Interactive has been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes, across every industry, from small retails chains to publicly traded companies and everything in between.

What we value

Enspark values permeate throughout all layers of the organization, from the CEO to the newest graduate intern. Our values are the attitudes that drive us in creating innovative and interactive e-learning solutions.

We aspire to have interactive e-learning recognized as the most important form of training in every organization.

What we can do

Enspark implements a combination of multiple design philosophies in courseware development.

When developing course content, our Instructional Designers produce valid, testable learning outcomes and learning objectives that guide the course structure.