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Gamification to increase employee engagement

April 1, 2023

Virtual training and e-learning opportunities hold many benefits for teams of all types, including the new remote workforce. But with less in-person and live interactions taking place, how do you keep your employees motivates, and how do you celebrate their accomplishments? While it doesn’t replace personal engagement, there are four ways social media and game mechanics can be used to positively reinforce e-learning:

  • Create a system of rewards, or gamification, that can result from positive learning and adds a goal to help achieve the desired result.
  • Game mechanics can help prepare students by adding a degree of time management, and also by showing that they are managing their time properly through “check-ins” on social media as well as positive reinforcement from showing off the status of the check-in and possible title rewards.
  • A “level” game mechanic can help people realize that they are going through the “game of learning” and that they are progressing to more difficult challenges. This showcases they are improving and reaching the harder difficulties that are accomplishments to be proud of.
  • Social media and game mechanics are addictive and keep people coming back, and not necessarily in a negative way. If this idea can be applied to learning and e-learning and training, it can keep the experience fresh and addictive to keep people engaged.

Have you ever felt rewarded for using social media or utilized these tools when motivating your team to stay engaged with training or other types of curriculum? Let us know below. 

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