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Support your team with virtual training for HR departments to use

May 18, 2022

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From recruiting new employees to creating a positive experience for current team members, human resources is one of the most crucial departments in any company. In today’s climate, HR departments are being called upon to address an expanding list of not-so-fun employee issues such as sexual harassment, lay-offs, and conflict resolution. It can be a lot to manage and it is not always simple. This is where a well-trained and highly supported HR team comes in handy because they can help your employees work through difficult situations and improve their conduct. One way to support an HR team is to equip them with virtual training solutions to use to educate a team on the basics of a company’s policies or to provide ongoing training on important topics such as harassment policies. 

Using a combination of formats goes a long way in keeping employees engaged with required training. Here are some of the benefits of using virtual options to support your HR team. 

Avoids awkward conversations

The work of HR often involves sensitive topics that are difficult to address in a way that makes a positive impact. Getting proactive by training your employees on the basics of company policies in advance may be a better solution as it gives your employees an example of how they should behave in or handle certain situations before they arise. By using training formats such as video micro-learning, or other virtual options you avoid having to educate your employees on awkward topics yourself and prevent the occurrence of many compromising situations that often arise when employees don’t understand the dos and don’ts of professional conduct.

Keeps consistency

Many companies use different staff members to train new employees because of the company’s size or important differences between departments. With this comes a lot of grey area on company policies and procedures that often leads to trouble for the new hire down the road. By enlisting a single source for training, you avoid human error and will have the correct rules and guidelines given to your new employees during every training session to ensure that your office runs smoothly.

Provides the best insight available

Off the shelf or audiovisual programs like Enspark’s educate your employees on the tried and true skills they need to create a positive work environment. Information from professionals within the industry is included in an easy-to-follow format that will give your employees the skills they need to handle tough situations in the most effective way.

The importance of HR in your office is apparent, but your approach is what counts. Effectively train your employees on proper conduct and problem solving before you run into issues by utilizing the best off-the-shelf training available. Enspark offers high-quality training that can be either completely customized or chosen from our selection of off-the-shelf products. No matter the unique training needs of your company, Enspark can give you the tools you need to create the best team possible. Call us today for a quote to get started!

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