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The costs of corporate training

June 8, 2023

Companies spend an estimated $1,200 training new employees and this rate is increasing each year. Considering that the cost of losing an employee can be between 16-20% of their annual salary and it is easy to see how important it is to provide adequate and effective training from the beginning. A whopping 20% of US employees leave their position within 45 days, leaving little doubt that some don’t feel prepared to undertake their new responsibilities. 

Online courses, both off-the-shelf and custom, provide quality onboarding content for new employees and can help to manage the rising costs of training. Online courses are especially useful in welcoming new employees in the age of virtual staff. 

Off-the-shelf and white-label courses are both educational and interactive and are a must-have for medium to large-sized firms and corporations. Benefits include:

  • Reducing costs by reducing the number of man-hours required by HR or management
  • Consistent and professional level of training for each new recruit
  • Allowing ongoing training and professional development that helps your team to stay fresh, continue to strengthen their skills, and feel supported by management

Enspark has a growing library of off-the-shelf courses that include:

leadership development

employee etiquette


sexual harassment

hiring & firing

human resources


View our entire course selection here.

Want to create a training series unique to your organization or the services you provide? We love working with companies to create custom courses as well. Contact us today to learn about all your options. 

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