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Training your team to network

August 3, 2022

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Networking is an incredibly important aspect of finding success in the workplace, but even so, it is often overlooked. Some of the common excuses for not utilizing this tool are that employees just don’t have enough time to attend industry events or that they simply don’t see the value in it. If your company isn’t taking advantage of networking training, it’s time for a change! 

Teaching your employees how to engage in professional networking increases the amount of opportunity available to your company by putting important connections within the reach of your employees. Here are just a few tips for getting started on your new employee networking training.

Discover opportunities

There are a myriad of networking sources in your area. You can go the traditional route by sending your employees to events held for the sole purpose of helping individuals network and/or come up with a few creative ways to help them connect on your own. Once you start brainstorming, you’ll find that there are many opportunities for networking no matter where your company is located.

Some resources to help you find networking opportunities:

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Decide your focus

Now that you’ve thought of how you’re going to network, it’s time to get industry-specific. Find networking events that will be truly beneficial to your industry, and weed out the ones that look like a sales pitch. You might also want to look for events or clubs within your industry that you can refer your employees to.

Learn strategies

Before your employees approach their first networking opportunity, they will need to have a plan that includes effective strategies in order to make solid connections. Help them practice their elevator pitch and make sure that they have plenty of business cards ready.

These are just a few tips to help you get started on training your employees to effectively network for your company. Enspark offers customized and off-the-shelf training solutions that can help you teach your employees how to network with the best. Call us today to get started!

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